Dear Alumni,
I’m honored to welcome you to our new website, fully dedicated to the USI Alumni Association.

The UAA represents all the graduates of the Università della Svizzera Italiana and its faculties and it is entitled to be the reference for the growing community of professionals that studied in Lugano and Mendrisio.

As members of the Association you’d have the opportunity to become ambassadors and promoters of this constantly growing community, thus bringing even more added value to our degrees.
All of you forged important relationships during your work experiences, but don’t forget that many of those are tightly coupled with our Alma Mater, the University of Southern Switzerland.

This site is built around its members and it’s aim is to become an online reference for the USI Alumni.

The UAA committee is constantly working to promote networking, continuos learning and career opportunities. Some steps have already been made. More will come soon!

Join us today and become a member: don’t miss all the great opportunities offered by the UAA!

We’re waiting for you.

Ryan Vannin,
President UAA

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