UAA Scholarships

USI Alumni Association encourages and promotes the continuous learning of its graduates. In this context, USI Alumni Association offers to its members some scholarships for attending the EMBA program.



Each scholarship is worth CHF 4,000.

Eligibility and conditions of award

EMBAEligible for the scholarship are all USI alumni (i.e. those who have already obtained a degree from USI), which are admitted  to EMBA at USI, and make a specific request. A scholarship is given for each graduate who meets the requirements for the award of the scholarship. Candidates are approved  as specified hereunder by a Commission. The Commission is made up of the current EMBA Directors, USI, Alumni manager and the USI Alumni Association President. The Commission meets  in May, and communicate  its decisions directly to the applicants.  The Commission’s ruling is final and cannot be disputed.

The scholarship is paid by the Alumni Association  in the form of a study subsidy, which is non-refundable.

Selection criteria
To be granted the scholarship candidates need to:

  • be USI alumnus, which means having already obtained a degree from USI
  • be an active member of the USI Alumni Association
  • have been admitted to EMBA
  • not being sponsored by a company, organization or institution to attend the EMBA
    make the application on time.

USI Alumni Association scholarships may not be drawn concurrently with other study grants or bursaries allocated by USI.